The success of your organization is determined by the composition of your team.

And that success starts with the professionals you hire. That is why we focus on putting together balanced teams. We look further than just the factors that connect organization and professional.

We find it more important how the professional and the organization can reinforce each other at different and deeper levels.

Since 2010, we have been actively involved in assembling unique and balanced teams.

A balanced team brings a diversity of visions, cultures, genders and especially different perspectives. It creates an environment in which new ideas are embraced and the motivation of the team is increased.

Several studies show that at an organizational level balanced teams make a better contribution to a successful business strategy. Balance is necessary to survive, thrive and grow.

What we think is important

Balance in...

Leadership Styles

From transactional to transformational leadership. While one has a hierarchical approach, the other works on the basis of clear principles and exploiting the potential of their employees. With the right balance between these styles, the team will feel both supported and challenged. A successful leader must be able to transform and conform to the team to make the most of the qualities within his or her team.


A team’s belief in their capabilities is critical as it increases productivity and attention to detail. Employees who feel effective and take ownership of their work will have higher morale and be less likely to take excessively sick and personal days. They will also be more satisfied with the work they do, working more efficiently leading to a culture of continuous improvement that is the hallmark of successful companies.

Perception & Communication

A diverse palette within your workforce brings different perspectives (perceptions). To hit the right note it is essential to add unique profiles to your team. Daring to walk off the beaten track may require more flexibility. However, new (mutual) forms of communication increase success. Good teams consider different perspectives before choosing a strategy that is most profitable for your business.


By clearly defining a division of roles, perspectives and clearly dividing work fields, each team member can optimally deploy his or her unique skillset in a qualitative way. When the communication flow is open and everyone respects each other within his or her expertise, this form of collaboration will pay off optimally.


Different backgrounds, life experiences, values and personalities offer different and often creative perspectives. It brings benefits not only internally, but also externally. This allows the team to better reflect customer needs.
Elles van Teylingen

How it started

As a pioneer within the recruitment industry, Elles van Teylingen started Women in Sales in 2010 and after more than 12 years of research and development we are transforming our proposition into Experts in balanced teams. Her motivation? In a world that is full of development, you as an organization have to anticipate the great diversity of (business) issues. Balanced teams with a diversity of perspectives increase both social impact and business results.
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A few facts about

Balanced teams

Creating awareness is an aspect we value. Here the success of a balanced team is not that bad. We substantiate this with figures and facts from external research.


Organizations with more gender and ethnic diversity show that they have more turnover, more customers and higher profits.


The number of female CEOs has increased by 6% and is now at 26%*

*Qrant Thorton survey in the Netherlands


The number of men working part-time has increased from 21% to 26% in the past 10 years.


Experts in Balanced Teams has increased diversity by 19.8% among its national and international partners


Teams with an equal gender distribution perform better and are on average 78% more open minded.


Research at 366 organizations shows that organizations where top management is active in the field of ethnic diversity experience 35% more financial returns. Organizations that are active with gender diversity experience 15% more returns above the industry average.

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What motivates us

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‘Let there be change’ is our motto, and Women in Sales understands that! They contribute to our goal to create diversity in the workplace – something that is necessary to optimize our performance. The added value of Women in Sales lies in the personal and professional contact they have with both the candidate and our business – this is how they arrive at the best match for Accenture. A very valuable and valued collaboration!

Martijn Smit

Managing Director Europe Lead

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In our collaboration with Women in Sales, we will remember the enthusiasm and expertise of our trainer Sabine. Over 1 year, Women in Sales supported us in training our young graduates to new sales methodology and onboarding coaching. Every graduate feels they receive tailor made support and that this program we have designed together makes the difference for the launch of their career. Working with Women in Sales was pleasant and helped us generating engagement. Thank you to all the team.

Marine Savage

Talent Acquistion / HR Development Projects

For a year and a half I felt supported by Sabine. Her humanity, spontaneity, professional knowledge, drive and humor have brought to the surface what I already knew. I just had to dare to give it my hands and feet. Sabine; thanks for your training and support. Now it’s up to you!

Lia Fokke


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