Roxanne Kruijsman

Head of Sales Cyber Security - Eurofins
Roxanne is not afraid of going down and proves it with her ambition and vision for the future. As a key account manager at Eurofins, she provides coaching leadership to a team of six and has the desire to one day lead an international sales team. In 2020, with the help of Women in Sales, she made the transition from a telecom company to cybersecurity. We spoke to her about her experience..

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“If you really want something, you have to persevere and don't let it stop you. Turn fear into power and go for it! Don't talk but brush!"

You have been working for Eurofins for a while, can you tell us more about your position and the organisation?
“I have been working at Eurofins in cybersecurity since 15 September 2020. I started out as a sales manager, at least that's what my contract said, but I was actually a key account manager. The intention was that I would immediately start working as manager of the sales team. However, there have been so many changes in the past three years that they felt it was inappropriate to immediately announce the arrival of a new manager. Things are going really well, but some people have left the sales team. So we are now busy looking to expand this team again.

The best thing about my position is that it is a very diverse role in which I am involved in both the sales strategy and the growth of the organization, working closely with marketing and operations and of course further building/expanding the sales team to ensure that everyone is successful with the aim of tapping new customers and markets and that our existing customers receive excellent service. My role is also quite challenging due to the diversity and I love that!”

You are now a key account manager at Eurofins, but how did your career actually start?
My first job I started by accident in IT and sold software licenses. I didn't really have an idea beforehand about what to expect, but a friend of mine was a recruiter and she really needed someone there and asked if I wanted to do that. I worked with all men in an inside sales department. My job was more fun than I expected and from there I rolled further into IT. I didn't realize at the time that a woman was quite rare within IT and was even unique!

Prior to my current role I was account director at CenturyLink (Lumen) a global telecom company where I was responsible for 15 global accounts and was supported by a diverse team of 5 people with different knowledge areas or specializations. Because I often ran into Cyber ​​Security issues, I found a next step in Cyber ​​Security, and a role in which I could expand my experience as a manager, a right one! And it was precisely at that moment that I came into contact with Women in Sales.

How did that process with Women in Sales go for you?
“I remember exactly how that went. I was in the office at Century Link and heard customers talking all the time about a security solution. That got me thinking and prompted the wish that I wanted to do something with it. At one point I saw an ad on LinkedIn for Women in Sales, which I had never heard of at the time. I thought it was interesting, went to look at the vacancies and then I basically just called. I immediately had a conversation with Elles and she first started talking about Accenture. I don't come from the Big Five consultancy companies and the people at that organization found that an obstacle. Elles then called me with the news that she had had a very nice call with a company and what would really be something for me, namely Eurofins. That's how the ball started rolling.

What I really like about Women in Sales and I noticed that with Elles, she really looks at the person she has in front of her and can make that match right. In addition, she also looks further. Suppose I were looking for a specific role, Elles would look very closely at who I am and what I want. She is very candidate oriented. I really got the feeling that she understands me and I think the client does too. I like that direct approach.”

Perhaps a bit cliché, but what does the future look like for you?
“At first I had mapped it out a bit, with ideas that, for example, at a certain age I would wanted to direct people. Now I will mainly focus on this position, until I can really do this well and I can position myself well. If we make sure that we make really good profits, then I am convinced that you will continue with that success. What I would like to do is work more internationally. For example, if Eurofins wants to set up an office in Brazil, I would then be responsible for a well-functioning office, good sales and operations. I would also like to be responsible for the sales department worldwide.”

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