We know your industry


We think strategically, look at the business case within the organization and we deliver custom work. Our own team consists of professionals who themselves have a commercial background. This enables us to look at your issue from a business perspective.

We are not only Experts in balanced teams but also Experts in Sales.
Balanced teams increase organizational profitability
We believe in diverse talents together, in teams that are in balance and complement each other. A skillset alone isn't everything. The person with all his ideals, talents and competences is central to us. That is why we invest in a valuable relationship with our professionals. Only in this way can we find the right professional who fits within your organizational culture.

For a successful process, we work exclusively on the basis of exclusivity and with a commitment fee. In this way we can offer you the quality and reliability that you and our professionals demand from us.

How we work

01. The introduction
It is essential for us to get to know you well as a client first. Not only the organization itself, but also the corporate culture, wishes and needs that play a role within the organization. Only in this way can we be a valuable partner for you.
02. The Quest
Now that we have a clear picture of the assignment, we draw up a plan and share a clear time schedule with you. This is where our expertise comes in. With a good dose of knowledge of different sectors, we know where to look and we challenge the candidates on their competencies. We also have an extensive and diverse network of sales professionals.
03. The Conversation
After a careful selection, we present the profiles to you. Now it's time to get acquainted. We facilitate and guide you and the candidate from organizing the conversations up to the negotiations.
04. The assessment
As an extra service, we offer the possibility to have a candidate make an assessment. This assessment provides insight into intelligence, personality, preferred roles, the most suitable work environment, competencies and the ability to change.
05. We have a match!
The signals are green for both parties and now it is time to agree on the terms of employment. We also mediate between you and the candidate during this process. We think it is important that both parties are satisfied. That is why the follow-up process starts. We evaluate whether everything went well and what we can do better. In this way we ensure a good balance and cooperation.

The story of

Our professionals

Let us get to know you and your industry too.

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