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Women in Welding strives to work with the best female welding professionals. The personal development of our talents is therefore of paramount importance. We map out the required competencies so that they match your organizational objectives.

We convert knowledge into results on the shop floor and train our professionals ourselves.
Expert in recruiting, selecting, training and coaching female talent. We second talent, with the ultimate goal of achieving a permanent appointment.

Women in Welding trains professionals within organizations with a suitable trajectory. Training is only one method of development. When specific knowledge or skills need to be further developed, we can focus on these competencies.

How we help you

We train from the basics to welding professionals. We are talking here about the TIG Welding NIL Level 1 to Level 2 trajectory, including a theory and practical exam, after which the candidates will receive a recognized NIL diploma.

We also offer the possibility to constantly develop candidates by through specializations. From welder to leading welding specialist.

What to expect

Personal guidance
We are involved throughout the entire process. From consultation to diploma or competency goal. We monitor the development and make adjustments where necessary. This allows us to convert the knowledge into results in the workplace.

Teachers with work experience
Our teachers have years of work experience. As a result, we can also properly handle customer-specific questions about work.

Total offer
The training offer consists of NIL recognized welding courses, management courses and certifications.

During 12 to 48 months (depending on the training programme), the professionals remain employed by us, during which we remain actively involved in the development of the professionals

Training Center
We work together with the They are the training center for professional welders, forerunners in the field of E-learning and decisive in this process. They naturally offer a safe learning environment.

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