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Invest in a future as a female welder. Sign up for our training program in collaboration with Lasschool Nederland. All you need is an affinity for welding and a healthy dose of guts!
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The popular welding process TIG welding can be used for steel, stainless steel and aluminum welding. TIG welding is an accurate welding process in which you have a lot of control as a welder. You can visually make very nice welds with it. Compared to other welding processes, it is not an easy welding process, it requires a lot of skill from the welder because it is used with two hands.

It is a clean welding technique because it does not spatter and it can be used well with thin-walled materials.

You can choose which material you want to weld during the TIG welding course. Prior to the training you can choose from steel, stainless steel or aluminum. During the training you will weld the workpieces with the chosen material.

How we help you

We have a complete range of welding technical framework and practical training. By means of a level determination, we look at which training best suits your education level and experience. There are five different types of welding processes. Each welding process is suitable for different activities and materials. We train you for every process, including at all levels. Both theory and practice.

What to expect

You choose the welding training TIG welding NIL level 1 if you want to learn the basics of TIG welding and if you do not have any welding experience yet.

You weld material with a thickness of 4 to 6 mm. When you pass both your theory and practical exam, you will receive the NIL diploma TIG welding level 1. A NIL welding diploma is valid for a lifetime.

You can start working immediately after you have passed level 1 and 2. If you do not have the ambition to be further trained to level 3, we can continue with a certification or specific training such as a hygienic welder. The ultimate goal for going through the process is that you can start working and have a job guarantee.

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