Danique Broekema

Inside Sales Representative - Schneider Electric
The studious Danique expands her organizational talent with hard sales skills. Immediately after graduating, she entered the technical world at Schneider Electric. She now combines her work with training through the Women in Sales DevelopHer Academy. We spoke to Danique about her experience.

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“Everything seems difficult until you've done it once.”

From studying hotel and event management to a technical job at Schneider Electric. Can you tell us more about how you ended up here?
“I had been graduating for a while, which took a little longer due to the Corona pandemic. At that moment I was already looking for my next step, but I didn't really know that well. Hotels and events were all locked up, so I started thinking about my other skills. I posted on LinkedIn that I was open to a new challenge and I was soon approached by Sabine (WiS). I then had a very nice conversation with her, after which I entered the application process at Schneider Electric. During that process I also spoke with Sonja (current manager) and a few other colleagues. Both parties liked it and I started two weeks later.”

Can you tell us more about your position now and how you feel at the organization?
“When I took up the position 'inside sales representative', I could imagine myself there. It is of course a special industry, especially if you can't figure it out. As you increasingly hear the story behind the products, you also understand how large the organization is. In general, the products are of great importance and it is nice to contribute something to that. In principle, sales remain sales and the technical world actually suits me. Not every aspect of course, but I find it interesting when you find out how the technology works. In the beginning I didn't realize that. An example of this is that if I now walk somewhere and see a group box, I know that Schneiders is behind the technology. The great thing about this position is that I don't have to be a techie for it."

"I became an inside sales representative from 1 July. Part of the company was bought by another organization. Many colleagues were also sold in this sale, including someone who previously worked as an inside account representative. Then Sonja, my manager, asked if I wanted to take over. I saw that as a great opportunity that I had to seize.''

You are of course working on the DevelopHer Acedamy now, can you do that in combination with your traineeship?
“I actually think it's a nice combination, because the academy is once every two weeks. What I like about the trainings is that they are personal. There is of course a common thread, what Sabine wants to tell that day. In addition, there is always room for the things we experience during work. That's nice, because that day we discuss the issues we run into and we can immediately adjust them at work the next day. So there is no strict script and our input is listened to. During the training the atmosphere is open, you can tell everything to each other and it therefore feels like a kind of trust group. I really appreciate that.''

How did the process with Women in Sales go for you?
“I spoke to Sabine for the first time last October via teams and then we called a few more times. She then nominated me to Schneider, which I also had through teams. Sabine soon called me about Schneider wanting a second interview, which was really nice. In between she also called me if I needed help and told me what I could prepare in advance. I could always call her, no matter what time it was. The second interview was at Schneider's office and I immediately called Sabine. Only half an hour later I got a call back with good news. The follow-up process went quickly and smoothly. The following week I sat down at Women in Sales to sign the contract.

Sabine had asked if Amber would also like to come over, so that I could get to know her because she would also become a future colleague. This ensured that I had a familiar face on my first day at Schneiders. A month and a half later I was able to get started!"

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