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We are open, friendly and involved. With a balanced mix of organizational knowledge and experience, we proactively think along with you. From organizational issues and career development to a pleasant conversation.
We know your industry. We know our professionals. We are your experts.

Elles van Teylingen

Founder - Executive Consultant

Sabine van Knijff

Sabine van Knijff

Sales Director - Head of DevelopHer

Denise Veerman

Managing Director Operations

Danique Sweegers

Senior Consultant
Women in Sales

Charl Knoppel

Finance Manager

Lilian Degenaars

Marketing Manager

Annabelle van Thiel

Executive Search Consultant
Women in Consultancy

Raymond Bosch

Executive Search Consultant
Women in Consultancy

Monique Dekker

Senior advisor & coach

Francien Korstanje

Business Unit Director
Women in Sales

How balanced is your team?


Van Teylingen

Entrepreneurship, innovating and above all creating with passion is what Elles stands for. During her work experience at companies such as Accenture, Luba, EIW and NGI, these three activities always came together. Women in Sales was born from these three pillars. Born with a dream and mission to contribute to more awareness in our business landscape.


van Knijff

Commerce and people, inextricably linked. Two worlds that I love and that I can work with every day. In my role as Sales Director (oh well, give it a name) and my role as Head of the DevelopHer, our trainee program.



Every minute of the day I am looking for the talent of tomorrow. Through my years of experience in international sales and building and managing these teams, I recognize the right sales professional out of thousands! I know better than anyone how important balance and diversity are within a successful organization.



As a sales professional I already thought outside the box, at Experts in Balanced Teams that became my profession. The core of this; connecting people and realizing ambitions. My strength lies in making the ultimate match between our clients, our network of professionals and the top talent on the labor market.



Why stay within your comfort zone when there is much more to experience outside of it? My role as Finance Manager is to make financial information more transparent, efficient and innovative available to the departments. Be concerned with the financial strategy and how it aligns better with Experts in balanced teams and its future. That’s what makes this role interesting for me.



From devising and executing a complete strategy to establishing visual communication. Aspects that I deal with on a daily basis as a marketer.


van Thiel

With over 10 years of experience in Recruitment & Selection, I am still fascinated by bringing the right candidate together with the right employer. Sincere interest in people, honesty and tenacity motivates me to find the best possible solution for every assignment, always with an eye for the wishes of both parties.



Connecting people is what drives me. With over 20 years of experience in recruiting, I don’t see myself doing anything else. Every day I enjoy going to work, connecting clients and candidates from different industries and creating value. “If you think it’s expensive to hire a professional, wait until you hire an amateur”



Where there is a will there is a way, but you have to do it yourself. That motto was spoon-fed to me by my mother. Over the years I have noticed that opportunities do come along, but that you have to see them for yourself and dare to take them yourself. As an experienced Commerçant, Consultant and Coach I have specialized more and more in the commercial side of the business profession.



With Experts in Balanced Teams, we break through boundaries and take over the world. In my role as Business Unit Director, I find opportunities in the international labor market and connect them to our fantastic candidates. Personally, I get the most energy from coaching and encouraging talent to the next step. As a Business Unit Director I get to work on this every day, in all kinds of different areas.


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