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Do you have an affinity with technology and do you like to work with your hands? Then this is the perfect training program with a job guarantee for you. It doesn't even matter if you have no experience at all. We are looking for driven women who want to train in (electrical) technology. The position of (electrical) mechanic is broad and versatile, the activities and work locations can differ from day to day.
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To summarize, the (electrical) technician is the person who is involved in installing, adjusting and maintaining electricity. Examples of the services of an electrician are installing lighting, installing or adjusting a distribution box, installing power and installing or expanding electricity networks.

There are four different types of electricians:

  1. The electrician who mainly works outside and lays cables that are extended from a power station to homes and buildings;

  2. The electrician who takes care of the installation and maintenance in these buildings;< br>
  3. The residential electrician; he/she ensures that the electrical installations and maintenance is carried out in small residential units (apartments, houses);

  4. The electrician who carries out the installations concerning computer networks, telephone lines, etc.

You know that you are dealing with electricity and that you have to follow safety rules. You also like to be outside every now and then. You can sometimes be found in buildings, but you also get to work in public space. That means you have to deal with people walking by, traffic driving by and residents who depend on your work.

How we help you

We have a complete range of electrical engineering courses. By means of a level determination, we look at which training best suits your level of education and experience.

What to expect

The courses we offer are very diverse and depend on your background.

It starts with training Low Voltage Distribution Technician (Credo 25273), if you don't have this yet, we can provide it.

With a BBL training you work at a recognized training company. In addition, you go to school 1 or 2 days a week. What you learn at school, you can immediately use at work. This process takes an average of two years.

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